Billion Dollar Agent Retreat

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Retreat Notes by Steve - 12/17/12
These are notes from my Billion Dollar Agent Retreat on 12/12/12.
Focus Areas
  • Subtraction - Delete - Do Nothing
  • Billion Dollar Agent - Vision - Book - Plan - Retreat for 2013
Delete - Subtract - 12/17/12
  • One Hour Day: If you only had one hour to work on your business each day, what would you do?
    • Video BAB 10 minutes, Video Ishido 10 minutes, Metrics Systems 10 minutes, Conference call with 8 leads/clients
  • Areas of life to declutter:
    • Physical home: car, garage, books, bedroom, clothes
    • Physical office: books, piles of files, CD-DVD, computer equipment, knick knacks
    • Goals: fewer with focus, daily tracker
    • Metrics: one for company, one for each role, three for each team,
  • Daily schedule: reduce task switching, emails, phone calls excess, talk instead of wiki, email instead of wiki, clothes, newspapers, watching TV for 1-2 hours in evening
  • Phone calls: reduce 50% ASAP, must be over $5m for a call, no client kickoffs, group into BDA Triangle for 3 new client, group calls on Tue Fri 1130am. Clients have KA first with lead mgt, calling etc.
    • Driver calls fully scheduled, clients 10min, new, audio.
    • Weekly teams, ka, cs, calling, accounting 10% of 40 or 8 slots. Upgrade slots, TURN?, systems 8-11. calls at 1100 and 1130.
    • Sales: shorter email with 3 links. cleaner proposal, 3 step close ABC, splimply, first time asst, calling, .
    • Clients: reduce emails, reduce phone calls, KA focus, KA must also do lead mgt, SWL, calling, closing etc.
    • Ishidos: talent, wendy plus global 3 + insp entuhiasst, design, job boards, Ttriangles: global mturk kickstarter, usa sahm tmc, ut. recruits do this next 1 in 20, 1in 10. 1 in 2. JE for traingles
    • Triangles are everything. are you in a Triangle? What is your role? Who are members and roles? Is it healthy? What is your Crrative Project? Are you in a Circle? How is your Teriangle experience? Clients in Triangles
  • Automate Recruit, Triensgles, Newhire, Newshidos. what is needed.
  • Instpiation enthuasiasst - bushido sales, creative team design art, visuals., Systems six sigma, factory, reduce costs., Jedishidos, unique shidos
  • driver call for specials. KA faster mentor ATLs path to become a TL. Top 3 steve, top 10 Jen KACSTL. Wendy newshidosd.
  • Simplest rules create best experience. Create Client Testimonials.
  • Limit information to engage imagination.KISS: Keep Increase Start Stop
  • Constraints - restrictions will set you free.
  • Projects 3: Triangles, Close Sales without Steve, Clients-KATGAP

Your Brainstorming Ideas - Put Below
  • Please place your comments, suggestions, and shout-outs below for Steve. He will be reading these during his Billion Dollar Agent Retreat on 12/12/12 and throughout December as part of planning for the next 1,000 days of Billion Dollar Agent.
  • Please put your name, city/state/country, role (are you a Recruit, Ishido, Client, Friend, Lead, or something else) and then your comments/thoughts. Also, feel free to add your comments to other people's comments by indenting below.
  • Ishidos - please note that Clients are being pointed to this wiki page also. So, do not post anything which would not be okay for a Client to read.
  • Shout out to Steve,,,,,, Have a great Retreat! Susan Eidler
  • I thought I was holding myself and buyers agents and staff accountable to conversion. I was fooling myself and allowed thousands of marketing dollars to be wasted. My marketing dollars that could have funded my lifestyle. Thank you, Steve in just a few weeks my eyes have been opened thru your accountability coaching and systems. Together we will have a profitable 2013! Carol Royse
  • Diane Simoms, Weeki Wachee/Florida/USA, Ishido, My Ideal (thinking outside the box) if the ishido's want they can call in the sales department and the clients that sign up they get to work with them calling there leads if they sign up for that package.
  • Kelly Welch, Ishido, Montana USA - To my mind, the real power of the Best Agent Business model doesn't simply reside in the advantages it holds for real estate professionals. It's more the fundamental mindset of expansive thinking followed by task analysis - dream big, then figure out how you're going to get there. This minimizes self-limiting thoughts such as, "Oh, that's too far-fetched. I could never manage that!" Probably the next most powerful part of the BAB model is crowd-sourcing. It allows big goals to be met without forcing the entity to adopt a big business attitude. I've often found that bigger is not always better.
  • Caroline Collins, Ishido, TX USA - I make liberal use of affirmations to keep myself confident and motivated. You are what you think. One of my favorite morning affirmations for success: "Today it is my dominant intent to have a clear path to success and to feel good. Competence, skill, ingenuity and talent, give to me excellence, achievement, and success. Fill me, lift me, imbue me, pervade me. Competence, skill, ingenuity and talent, be friendly and gracious to me this day."
  • Ashleigh Michalik, Ishido, AR USA - Steve, I think the CR Wiki needs some revamping. It is geared more towards when CS did it and isn't completely relevant. Also, I think we should have a system in place that allows us to see our team ratings and feedback so we can improve faster without waiting for major blow ups to get feedback. I love the new billing policy and feel that it will help make KA's jobs easier. I think we should do more to show the client that it will take some effort on their part to get going. I have seen several clients sign up and expect everything to magically happen with little to no feedback from them. I think that the new client assignment system is great. Clients are getting KA's right off the bat and I think that this will help keep clients happier longer. Here is my spin off on a popular quote :) "Thinking about something won't get it done - but, if you believe in yourself and work for it anything is possible."
  • Kate Bay Jaramillo, West Palm Beach, FL, USA, Ishido - You're on the right track, Steve! We continue to get more clients and Lifebushido is growing! Just as KAs and CS are responsible for testimonials and upgrades, I think we should also put a system in place to ask for referrals. The KA can make initial contact with the referral and then schedule a time to speak with you through your Scheduler. The Client and KA will ideally be on the call to introduce the referral to you and get the sales process going. In 2013 and the next 1,000 days, I envision leveraging the Billion Dollar Agent brand through networking opportunities that are already in the works (shout out for Local Entrepreneur Triangles and Client Networking!) Thanks SO much, Steve, for the opportunity to be a part of such an awesome company! Have a great retreat and we look forward to hearing all about it!
    --Ashleigh, Ishido - I love your idea about a referral system!
  • John Hardy- Ishido, Taunton,MA. Good going Steve! Referrals are important , not just our clients but also the ishidos working for us. As we get more clients, we will need more ishidos. Steve, you said you wanted the company to be completely run by ishidos, it takes many qualified people to reach this goal.
  • Crystal Batignani - Port St Lucie, FL, USA, Ishido - Steve, you can step up and lead us to do extraordinary things...and you already have! You have lead us to use our unique talent to help others and now it is time for you to take your unique talent to the next level and reach out to 1,000's of real estate agents that need our service. Never give up because it is too hard, only stop when you are fulfilled = )
  • Bob Bandy, Client, Bandy Team of Re/Max Pros in Denver. - I would love to see bloggers who are trained in link building, where they know the tricks and tips for using keywords in backlinks in the blogs to effectively increase search engine rankings. I have been training my bloggers myself on how to do this, but whenever there is a change in bloggers I usually have to retrain them. My current blogger (Pamela Dietz) has been an exception to this and seems to have caught on much quicker than the others before her. has some great videos that discuss how to do effective links and blogs to impact the search engines. Find them here:
    --Josh, Ishido- Bob, keywords and backlinks constitute a form of SEO. This is an important facet of web marketing and image retention. What would you think of an automated backlink generator bloggers can use as a browser extension to cut/paste backlinks? FYI, as someone with years of experience dealing with internet technology and the industry, as well as being one of the few IT Ishidos with a degree in computer science, I can offer to help you optimize your standing with search engine companies such as google, yahoo, and microsoft. Just ask steve to borrow me for a few hours and we can brainstorm on some ways to boost blog and site performance. SEO is a very complicated and typically expensive investment, but for those who put some effort into it instead of throwing money and advertising dollars at it, it really pays off. One of the reasons being that contrary to popular opinion, Google especially has a secret team of site reviewers- your Ranking is NOT primarily determined by an automated system, but by a once-yearly cursory overview, combined with some statistics on how much traffic you get and the quality of your content. Especially so they will check off a list of important qualifiers which, if you do not pass, will not win you brownie points.Update : I have been contacted by the Marketing team and suggest you refer any blogging training requests through them. I will send you some tips through your marketing assistant.
  • Wendy Bingaman, Kansas City, MO, USA - Ishido - To have a business which continually asks its Ishidos and Clients to kaizen is so refreshing. It is a wonderful place to be and be a part of. The next 1,000 days can only get better. The best has yet to come!