Book Production

This page is for work related to producing the book as an ebook and on Kindle.

This website is a free tool for converting PDF to EPUB and MOBI (Kindle format) Rough conversion, loses some formatting. Going to find a better tool. Apparently jumping from PDF to HTML to ePUB is the recommended route. We will lose header/footer, sadly

Format can be checked on computer using

Action Items for Book Production
Steve to Sharon on 9/13/11
  • Daphne had to go on pause with Lifebushido so no need to copy here for now.
  • The first page or cover should just be the cover, the next page, inside left, is the actual copyright info etc. If not clear, join driver call.
  • Table of contents is messy - should have page numbers right aligned with leading........
  • Add Ishido essays and edit as you see fit -
  • I want page numbering to start with Page 1 on the About Lifebushido page. That should say Page 1
  • Header is wrong - you have typo in Lifebushido
  • Let's move page number to centered at bottom of page.
  • Remove About Lifebushido part which mentions year and client and Ishido count.
  • Paginate Introduction so it does not cut off in middle of paragraph if possible
  • For Ishodo contributions, change wroding of These are the employees of Lifebushido who worked on this project,
    and helped make this book a reality. to following: These are the Ishidos who worked on this project and helped make this book a reality. An Ishido is someone who works with Lifebushido.
  • Add the back page.
  • Back page: get rid of period at end of Anything is Possible. Add paragrapg of core fr0om website middle of back page/cover
    • Lifebushido is building a global network of people working part-time from home with flexible hours using their unique talents.
      Lifebushido creates business, creative, and social entrepreneurial ventures to help everyone focus on their unique talents.

Notes from Sharon


-Find better PDF to ePUB conversion software/utility.
-Intro, table of contents, etc. Don’t forget credits at back.
-Lulu formatting styles
→ Grab content from wiki once it is generated - intro, etc.
-My intro essay - first project with Lifebushido, intro to project.

Email from Steve -
We will use those wiki pages to draft and edit so you can grab and put into book
For book have header be book title
Earthquake Stories
Until we have final and footer is
Lifebushido - Anything is Possible
Intro will be 2 page intro to book and project - you draft somethign
Lifebushido overview is 1 page of who is Lifebushido and why do we do this and have gaylene write asap
News story is 1-2pages summareizing actual news facts of what happened - daphne find ishido to write
Ishido essays is a few ishidos can do paragrph or 1 page essay abouy their involvement in projevct and Lifebushido. Daphne send invite to core 10-20 people helping - deadline fri 12pm to have their content on wiki
Credits is name, city, state and 1-3 sentences credits for core 10-20 ishidos and next section will be list of co-authors of Story Contributors which I will pull fri from survey

Book sammich like so? -
copyright info
about lifebushido
news summary of earthquake

Intro essay ideas -
boredom/complacency cure
‘sink or swim’
immediately valuable member of the team

When I applied to Lifebushido, I admit that I thought a lot of the claims the company made about being extraordinary were fluff. Employers like to talk big, and after several months of flinging my resume at anything twitching and breathing, I was starting to become cynical. But when it came to Lifebushido, I was very, very wrong - and I’m so glad that I was. Lifebushido is truly an extraordinary company.
I expected weeks of boring new hire training sessions and tidbits of projects. I did not expect an email from Steve Kantor, the president of Lifebushido, immediately after the earthquake struck in Virginia. While other companies were shooing their employees away to calm down at home, Steve gave all of the Ishidos at Lifebushido a challenge - and yes, that challenge was directed towards me, too. I volunteered, fully expecting a reply to come back telling me to return to my newbie work. Instead I found myself immersed in this very eBook project.
While other companies may have wanted to coddle me, Lifebushido punted me out into a sink-or-swim situation. It sounds intimidating, but it’s not done with a harsh or bitter attitude. If Steve gives you a task to do, he truly believes that you can do it, and you can do it well, without needing an insufferable nanny hovering over you. Instead of getting the usual run-around, I got work - real work - that I could feel good about doing.
It was, quite frankly, amazing, and I fully admit that I may have gloated to some of my friends still stuck watching new hire training videos at big chain stores.
My good fortune aside, this should tell you a lot about what kind of company Lifebushido is. When other companies see disaster, Lifebushido steps in and sees opportunity. It’s that simple courage and enthusiasm that makes the company slogan a promise instead of just routine fluff. With the confidence that comes from others knowing you can do it behind you, anything truly is possible.
This book stands as just one example of this amazing phenomenon. With a small but incredibly talented group, Lifebushido’s Ishidos managed to gather, compile, rate, edit and typeset all of these stories. Within 100 hours since the earthquake, Lifebushido has created a complete eBook about the east coast earthquake. And if Lifebushido can do all of this after a major disaster (and while being interrupted by hurricane Irene)...
Well - let’s just say I’m looking forward to other projects in my future!