Creating Book Summary – Edit and PDF

Template for Creating Book Summary HIT

Examples of Completed Book Summaries

Instructions for Completing HIT

The Creating Book Summary HIT contains transcribed book notes from a full-length book or a chapter from a book. The purpose of Book Notes is to provide quick and easily readable summaries of books.

1. Find the proper book title and author on Amazon for this book summary. Take note of the url/weblink from Amazon, which you will submit as a separate entry below.

2. Download the Book title - Word template from
  • Open the template using Microsoft Word (or a compatible word processing program).
  • Save the open template as a new document.
  • Name the document: Book title - Lifebushido.doc (Replace Book tile with the actual book title of the book notes you are working on.)
  • Change "Title of Book" in document to the book title you found on Amazon.
  • Change "By Author Name" in document to the actual author name.
  • Copy and paste the book summary text from this HIT into your new document.
  • Edit the book summary notes. Add bullet points, blank lines, or paragraphs to make the summary clean and readable. You may add extra pages to your document, but do so conservatively. You may rewrite portions of the summary that are not understandable or delete passages that do not contain enough information to properly edit.

3. Save your final book summary as a PDF file.
  • Name your file: Book title – Lifebushido.PDF (Replace Book title with the actual book title of the book.)

4. Upload your completed book notes PDF to this HIT.
5. Add the Amazon link for the book to the Book url text box.
6. Submit your comments in the comments text box.

For further tips see:

Turkshido Tips - Saving Your Book Notes as a PDF

Microsoft Word Users

  • In Microsoft Word from the quick access toolbar click Save As, Save as PDF. If you do not have the MS Word PDF plugin you can click on the Find add-ins for other file formats to find and install the plugin.

  • If you experience problems installing the plugin - download CutePDF from Once installed, from Microsoft Word choose Print, select CutePDFWriter as your printer. Click OK. A dialog box will open, save your new file as a PDF.

OpenOffice Users
  • From OpenOffice Writer choose File, Export as PDF.