Recruit Circle of Clients - Small Business Entrepreneurs

This page is for examples small business entrepreneurs to contact as part of our Recruit Circle of Clients.
Version: 1/29/12 by Steve

  • Lifebushido seeks to provide free useful tools and services to small business entrepreneurs to help them grow their business and make them aware of Lifebushido and our services.
  • You can contact small business owners that you know in your city or any other city.
  • You can also reach out to business owners in your local city based on suggested profiles below.
  • Lifebushido has a major focus on real estate agents via our Best Agent Business brand. When contacting real estate agents, use that company name.
  • See Recruit Circle of Clients for overview of system if you ran across this page on the web.

Small Business Entrepreneurs
We focus on businesses with revenue of $100,000-$10 million per year with 1-100 employees. We also can help brand new businesses that plan on being over $100,000 in revenue within 1-2 years.

Real Estate Agents
We provide great services to top real estate agents who are about the top 10% of agents and make over $100,000 per year. We are also the authors of **Billion Dollar Agent: Lessons Learned** which includes interviews with top agents around the country. Here are methods to identify top agents in your local area.

Research Top Agents in Area
  • The goal is to identify 15-20 top real estate agents in your area, or an area near a bigger city, in order to reach 10 agents live on the phone.
  • As you research, create an Excel spreadsheet with Salutation (Mr.Ms.), Firstname, Lastname, Company, Street, City, State, Zipcode, Phone, Email, Status, and Notes. When you complete the test, you will submit the spreadsheet.
  • A top agent is someone who is in top 10% of production levels. This is someone who does more than $5 million in sales volume per year (for example, sold 20 homes worth $250,000/each), or over $100,000 gross commission income (GCI) or perhaps among top agents in office.
  • If you are aware of agents in your area, you can simply choose a few that you think are top agents.
  • Also, you can choose among the top three brokerages/offices, such as your local RE/MAX, Keller Williams, Prudential, Coldwell Banker or EXIT offices, track down broker/owner/manager, and ask receptionist for the names of the top 3 agents in the office.

  • Agents you personally know: Real estate agents who are friends/family, agents who helped you buy or sell a home. These are best to start with because they can help improve email wording and give you feedback on whether or not the free offer is useful for agents.
  • Agents in your neighborhood
    • Agents who appear to sell the most homes in your area
    • Agents with any current listings with their names on homes for sale signs in your neighborhood
  • Top brokers/managers of offices in your area
    • Often, the broker/manager of an office also sells real estate personally. They will appreciate the information provided and they also may easily connect you to the top three agents in their office. Here are some ideas about specific brokerages:
    • National franchises
      • RE/MAX: These are top agents. You can ask for someone in the Platinum or Chairman's Club. You can search national site at and Awards/Designations for Chairman's Club and Platinum Club and your Zipcode. You will get probably 5-20 names to appear and you can click and view their personal website to find a contact email or number. We suggest you only email them directly to their direct email, do not email via the RE/MAX national site. Chairman's Club are agents above $500,000 business and Platinum Club is above $250,000.
      • Keller Williams: These offices are called Market Centers. You can contact the Team Leader who is the office manager. Also, there is a group called the ALC, Agent Leadership Council which is 5-10 top agents. The Market Centers have usually 70-200 agents. The top 10-20% of agents are called Cappers. They are also called Mega Agents.
      • Prudential, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, ERA, EXIT: These are regular national franchises and usually the top 10% of agents are relevant.
    • Large local broker - multiple offices
      • Try to identify the broker or office manager of the specific office near you.
    • Small local broker - one office: Contact the broker who owns the business
  • Top 10 agents in your city area
    • Contact the association of real estate agents or the MLS in your area and they may have awards to agents listed on website or can provide list of top 10 agents in your city.
  • Google Online Searches
    • Search Google for "real estate in XXX" or "homes for sale in XXX" where XXX is the name of your city or area.
    • For example: "homes for sale in Atlanta".
    • If you live in a large city like Atlanta, it is best to search for your particular smaller city area or neighborhood.
    • The individual agents listed on the first page are likely to be top agents and good to contact those 10-20 people.
    • The search results will be a mixture of national sites, such as Trulia, Zillow,, and others, as well as local brokerage offices and then individual agents.
    • Focus on the individual agents and both regular search results (SEO organic results on left side of page), as well as paid advertisements on right side of page and very top are relevant.
  • Zillow - Trulia -
    • These top national websites for homes for sale are good to identify top agents who advertise on the sites.
    • Zillow: Search by zipcode. See right side of ads and agents listed as Buyers Agent for XXX zipcode as well as featured listings on right side.
    • Search by zipcode and note Featured Homes at top.
    • Trulia: Search by zipcode. On right side and very bottom are lists of top agents.

Best Types of Entrepreneurs
This is a list of profile of best type of entrepreneurs for Lifebushido and some reasons why they are a best fit.
  • Small fast growing companies: We do best with companies that are growing at 10% or more per year. We do very well with very small business owners who may be working solo and need to delegate and get their first part-time assistant, or they have only 1-10 employees.
  • Real estate agents: We are experts in working with top real estate agents, the top 10% of agents. See below for details.
  • Insurance agents: We work well with owners who have a sales focus and need help to delegate assistant and marketing tasks
  • Network marketers: We can help successful networking marketing, MLM (multi-level marketing) owners from programs such as Avon, Pampered Chef, Scentsy, Tupperware, Mary Kay, and others.
  • Consulting firms: We work well with high-level solo consultants, especially people who are 50+ who recently started their own business after working in the corporate world.
  • Construction: We can run the entire back office and likely enhance marketing and sales
  • Contractors: We can help home contractors such as HVAC, cleaners, plumbers, and others grow their business
  • Coaches: We work with many life coaches and business coaches
  • Retail small local business: We can help with getting their social media and online marketing using all latest and greatest tools
  • Mortgage brokers: We have expertise in this area from our work with real estate agents
  • Property management companies
  • Tutoring companies
  • Home healthcare providers
  • Medical professionals with more marketing needs: Dentists, chiropractors, cosmetic surgeons
  • Financial services: Stockbrokers and financial advisors
  • Authors: Book authors and speakers

Not a Good Fit
The following types of business owners are not a good fit for variety of reasons:
Engineering firms, law firms, psychologists, accountants.