Triangle - Reasons to Join

We got over 200 responses from first 70 Turkshidos telling us the reasons they want to join this Global Triangle Project after reading more about the big vision.

Based on their feedback, here are the top 10 reasons people are interested in participating.

I am joining Lifebushido Triangle:
  • To be part of a unique global social experiment.
  • To help others and myself achieve monthly, annual, and life goals.
  • To connect with new people and develop relationships with them.
  • To share their experiences and expertise with people.
  • To get help in achieving my goals by learning from others.
  • To join a team working towards a common goal that could benefit others globally.
  • To accept what seems to be a worthwhile challenge.
  • To learn more about Lifebushido.
  • To connect and learn from other people and their life experiences as a team.