This page is for Lifebushido project for quick book about stories of earthquake in VA on 8/23/11 in afternoon.
Contact: Steve Kantor, President of Lifebushido,, 202-297-2393 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 202-297-2393 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.
Version: 8/25/11 by Steve

Lifebushido is crowdsourcing an instant book of stories about people during the earthquake as a creative project to show people that anything is possible and to have some fun.


Action Items
  • Start 2:33pm
  • Outline concept and idea
  • Outline platforms
  • Outline Ishidos and send rquest - send email to all Ishidos
  • Respond to Ishidos who called.
  • Wiki page Turkshido - this one
  • Gaylene 304pm - send out to book team
  • Ishido email went out 304pm to XX
  • start running log/blog. -
  • Survey - draft - create a link - wiki page, release. - open source.
    • need show results, facebnook links, twitter, bitly link or tuinyurl
  • Okay, i am 10 minutes late for Molle phone call.
  • It is now 1.5 hours later. Did wiki page public, project page, blog started, facebook page, zoomerang survey, tested survey with 3-5 people, sent out first ishido alert, sent out launch of survey, sent out julie wjla link etc etc
  • Okay so 8/25/11 update at 228 pm - 48 hours into 100 hour project and all flowing very well.
  • We got about 275 website visitors who left 75 stories so far and survey into QB into Rating 123 is flowing and PDF draft on lulu is live. Video is coming. Ran into newhire music guy from vegas and may hit something fun with that. 10-20 Ishidos involved. fb page basic with 40 people. system flowing. Next steps are write wrapping content for book and get ebook draft full in 24 hours by Fri 6pm and cutoff stories and then final final sat 6pm with kindle/paperback parts next. Marketing of book for weekend and Monday onwards. Press release with focus on paperback published less than 1 week after event took place etc etc. could do some blurb kid version my first earthshake