India with Melissa tuktukmel

This page is for planning trip to India with Steve and Melissa
Version: 1/11/13 by Steve

Action Items - 1/11/13
  • Hours: Start now.

  • Find airfares for 2 from Israel around May 28-29-30 and return from India 3 weeks later around Jun 19th either back direct to USA or through Asia around the world and stop in Asia for a week. Also check out Round the World tickets that go through Israel - there may not be any.
  • Review cities in India and decide which 3-5 to visit and in which order. Find out costs for some air pass flying around 3-4 cities in India for 3 weeks. Unsure what mix we will do of air and train. Want to do a mix. Review major city sites in India and decide what 3-5 things you want to see or do for sure as travel things.
  • Connections - draft email to send to people/friends of friends introducing yourself and me and when we will be in India in case ideas of who to meet with.

  • Consulting $995
    • DB: Identify start-ups connected with Univ of Michigan venture funds and local Ann Arbor entrepreneur groups.
    • Draft email to send to target market and draft one page PDF with concept. Put draft at bottom of this wiki page.
    • Silicon Valley - draft version for them, see

  • Israel - Aileen plans May 14-15 Shavout - what will be closed? May 17th 18th and 24th 25th weekends.
  • Melissa stuff: Purple Cow, College majors, org studeies, classes, ent class cerificate,m gmail contacts, audit classes. akpsy, clubofclubs. ross holsitic essay. kid tours, the assts get intern, au pair, 100 ceos, poop scoop, Can we help Poop Scoop do business in India? email, letter, call, delete dont delete reply.
  • mi companies, a2, akpsy, ycombo, siicon vallet videos,
  • Ross teams. India researcm Ross recruits. 995 is 10 hours research plus meeting 2-3 hours plus $500 per meeting,. labor outsource, market research, mba, Traingles, Top 10 schools Ross Wharton no interaciton club of clubs. techarb stuff
  • Shaveta and Mahesh stuff
  • Abhishek stuff
  • MBA Intern
  • Coffee Stories
  • Bookbushido
  • Mturk
  • Fiverr
  • Devin and YPO needs