Lifebushido Triangle

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Lifebushido Triangle is a global social experiment created by YOU. We did a first beta test in 2009 and we are launching another beta test in Fall 2010. Join us.

Lifebushido Triangle Vision

Lifebushido Triangle connects people around the world with each other in groups of three to create and share life goals and help each other achieve goals in a positive, optimistic, trusting environment.

History: Lifebushido Triangle was started in early 2008 as a test of a radical idea to organize new hires and Ishidos. The idea of the Lifebushido Triangle is a huge vision within our motto of Anything is Possible. We hope to have hundreds of Lifebushido Triangles over the coming years which helps you, helps Lifebushido, helps other Ishidos in your triangle, and in ways hard to describe, helps society/community. Whether you have been with Lifebushido for over 1,000 days or have just started, please give it a shot. In September 2009, Lifebushido started an experiment on Mturk to link together Turkshidos, people working for Lifebushido on Mturk, to see what happens if we have Lifebushido Triangle of Turkshidos.
As of 11/1/2009, over 150+ people around the world applied for Lifebushido Triangle, about 50 people have been accepted and invited, and about 25 people are active in Triangles. This project is in alpha stage, not even beta.

Global Triangle Teleseminar 10/9/09 - Listen here. This is a 30 minute audio recording of Steve Kantor, President of Lifebushido, giving an overview of Lifebushido Triangle project and goals. You may find it useful. Email us any questions or feedback.

Triangle Pages - Overview

Triangles - Getting Started
  • Triangle - First Steps for New Triangle - start here once you have been accepted
  • Triangle - Triangle Pages - pages for each Triangle to create/add/edit - every Triangle has wiki pages
  • Countries: Our first group of 50 Triangle Members are from Canada, Colombia, Croatia, England, Finland, Honduras, India, Philippines, Romania, United States.

The Idea
  • Turkshidos group into a Lifebushido Triangle of three people to help each other achieve their goals, including creating or finding the Perfect Job.
  • Benefits: Networking, support, information, touch base, encouragement, insight, direction.
  • Triangles seek to help each other out by sharing ideas and experiences in a safe, confidential, and affirming group.
  • Triangles communicate via email, phone calls, IM, video chat, wiki pages, Twitter, and other tools.
  • Triangles communicate at least once a week, preferably with a scheduled 30 minute phone call or chat session.
  • Triangles are likely to form strong bonds which will help people achieve their goals, get work involving their unique talents, and improving various aspects of their overall life.
  • If someone leaves a Triangle, Lifebushido will help find a replacement member.
  • A Lifebushido Forum is created by three Triangles connecting together to create a Forum of nine people.

Big Vision - Description of Lifebushido Triangle - This will be slightly different for Turkshidos
The Lifebushido Triangle is the manifestation of a radical idea for bringing people together to help one another, the business, and the community as a whole.

Three to four Ishidos are grouped together from the beginning - three to four people with different backgrounds, from different areas, with different goals and dreams. What kind of results to you get when you mix together random people and give them the tools to help each other? For Lifebushido, we think the possibilities are endless.

From the beginning, Ishidos new to the company will help each other navigate through the processes of doing the first tasks, applying for teams, entering Goal Actions to get paid, and learning about the nuances of the company. They talk about their social lives and get to know each other well. They have each other’s email addresses and other contact information so they can start to broaden their communication.

Gradually, a new phase starts. These three to four people who have never met before start sharing goals and dreams on a very personal level with each other. Lifebushido thrives on setting goals, writing them down, and - a critical step - sharing them with others so that you are accountable for your goals. Bushido means taking bold action. Being able to share your goals with others is a bold step. You’ll be accountable. They’ll ask you about how you’re doing and remind you about the direction you planned for yourself. Exposing your goals to others is a very bold action. It’s easier to have a private set of goals that you’ve never divulged to anyone. No one will know if you don’t keep with them. But with bold action comes power - the power to make those goals happen.

Once the communication within the Triangle is free-flowing, it’s time to branch out and give back to the community. The same power that brought the three or four people in the Triangle together can now turn its focus toward the community. Since Lifebushido is worldwide, that means the community we are talking about is worldwide. We all know that just a few people can make a huge impact on their local community. Imagine the possibilities when thousands of Triangles - with three to four people each - are getting out there and taking bold action!

Remember, this all started as just a few people who had never met getting together with a call to action: Make things happen. Imagine the possibilities.

Lifebushido Triangles are about making things happen - together.