Thank You Forward

Thank You Forward is a creative project of Lifebushido.
Version: 10/10/10 by Steve

Thank You Forward encourages people to give a heartfelt thank you to three people and ask those three people to Thank You Forward to three other people. Who would you like to thank for helping you in life? Who helped you yesterday or decades ago, whether friend, family, teacher, mentor, service provider, customer, or co-worker?
Give three people a heartfelt thank you with a personal note, greeting card, phone call, email, wall post, or fly across the country to thank them in-person. Share Thank You Forward and ask them to Thank You Forward three other people within three days.

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Feedback Requested
Lifebushido proposes a creative and social entrepreneurial project called Thank You Forward to launch now. It is a Pay It Forward type project.
We previously created Ghosting It Forward,, in 2008, and we are going to get that rolling again for 2010 and Halloween. We have similar idea for Thank You Forward to start now and build towards Thanksgiving and December holidays.

What do you think? Please give feedback on the idea and if you like it, suggest ways we can spread the word via Mturk and Turkshidos. Who are the three people in your life that you would Thank You Forward?

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